Spring is early this year, but weather dictates plant growth....

Now is the time, Spring is here! We will be  starting landscape cleanups and first mows next week to get the lawns and landscape plants ready for new spring growth! If you dont utilize our service, give us a call to get a quote, or if you do your own its time to get started!! Enjoy the weather, and lets get outside!

Mowing is almost upon us, tips to get ready!...

With most lawns showing signs of green and warmer weather on the way, mowing will begin very soon. Now is the time to get your mower blades sharpened.  We recommend home mowers sharpen their blade 3 to 4 times per year to keep the cut as clean as possible.  This is  often overlooked.  A sharp blade cuts nice and clean, which not only looks better but helps the grass heal faster from the cutting injury.  This is directly related to the health of the turf.  

Spring is here. Time to trim and clean!

Now is the time to trim all your shrubs, perennials, and clean debris from the landscape beds.  This gets the dead material off and out of the way to make room for new growth and flowers! Clean any leaves from the lawn areas as well, grass is waking up from dormancy and needs to breath and get sunshine to grow.  

Spring is around the corner……....

With Spring coming soon, we are gearing up for our favorite season! Mulching is a very important thing to consider for your landscape to help reduce stress.  We are taking early orders now to save on mulch, contact us today for your mulch.  We sell, deliver and apply mulch.

Fall leaves and Bulbs

Now that the pretty leaves are falling, it is time to start collecting or mulching them well to prevent them from damaging your turf.  We can help with all your leaf removal needs.   This is also the best time to plant spring flowering bulbs such as Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils

Late Summer

The continuing ever changing weather has been very hard on plants this summer.  Now is the time to prepare for lawn renovations and amendments.  Soon, cooler weather will likely return making for ideal conditions for replanting your lawns trouble spots. There are many insects and disease pests out there this late summer and early fall.  Lets us help you make your lawn great!