Irrigation Services

  • Design/Installation

    Establishing a new lawn after we installed the lawn irrigation system.

  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Efficiency/Distribution Improvements


We install Hunter brand irrigation products for both lawn and landscapes.

Proper design is key to an efficient and effective underground watering system.   We use Hunter irrigation products which have proven to be long-lasting components and provide years of trouble-free service. We pride ourselves on top quality design with special attention to unique areas of your property.  Proper design enables you to save water and money, by utilizing  the most efficient method to watering your properties unique situations.

***Our irrigation systems include a 1 year full parts and labor warranty and a No Dry Spot guarantee! (when used as designed)***

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Repair Service

We diagnose and repair problems that occur with underground watering systems such as leak detection/repair, locating and diagnosing electrical problems,  sprinkler timer/controller repair, non operating stations/zones and broken sprinkler heads. Let us return your irrigation system back to operational health, so you can maximize the enjoyment of your personal green spaces.

***We service and repair Hunter, Toro and Rainbird irrigation products***


System Maintenance

Spring Start Up-includes adjusting sprinklers, verifying Irrigation adjustmentproper valve and controller operation, checking for leaks or worn components and programming the controller for proper watering schedules.


Winterizing- in the fall is very important to protect the components from freeze damage. We flush the water from the pipes to ensure no water is left that can cause costly repairs next spring.

***Proper maintenance of sprinkler systems is  important to the longevity of the components and the effectiveness of the overall system.***

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Irrigation efficiency and distribution checks are a great way to lower your water bills and maximize results.

We will check  the water distribution  to determine if there is any adjustments or modifications needed to create more even watering. Because different areas of your lawn require different amounts of water, knowing the output rate of each zone in your system will let us know what and how to adjust or modify your system.