Lawn Renovations

  •  Core Aeration
  • Verti-cutting/Slit seeding
  • Complete lawn renovation/installation


When a lawn becomes thin, damaged, or dies, it is time for a lawn renovation. We offer a full range of lawn renovation services to meet the needs of your unique situation. Determining the cause of the lawn decline is the first step in the lawn renovation process. After the cause has been determined, we can work on a plan to bring your lawn back to the level you desire!!

***Note: We may need to apply an herbicide to eliminate the undesirable grasses and weeds from your lawn. This can cause a 2-4 week delay in seeding.***

Now is also the perfect time to test the soil and add amendments for a better lawn!


Core Aeration

This helps the soil breath to encourage new root growth in the existing turf plants.  It also greatly helps improve soil drainage by relieving compaction.  We over seed at this time to provide for a “lawn thickening” stand of new grass in the aeration holes. This is one of the best things you can do for your lawn every year to maintain a better root growing environment.

Verti-Cutting/Slit Seeding

In bare areas we use a piece of equipment specifically designed for slicing the soil and establishing a seedbed. This process allows the seed to make direct contact with the soil so proper germination can occur. We over seed these areas at higher rates to establish new turf.

Complete Lawn Renovations

When a lawn is severely damaged, we aerate, verti-cut/slit seed the thin areas, over seed and apply a starter fertilizer to encourage the new seedlings to root strong and mature faster.

Gallery of Lawn Renovations

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