Top-dressing/Soil Building


We offer pelletized compost topdressing to greatly improve the growing environment for your lawn.

Adding compost improves soil structure, water holding capacity and adds organic matter to your soil.  This  improves drought tolerance greatly by  increasing the root mass of your lawn. It also gives the microbes in the soil food to thrive on. By increasing the soil life, you help the plants uptake nutrients and water more efficiently. The end result is a better looking lawn and landscape!

Top-dressing gradually improves soil over time. As organic matter breaks down, it filters through the existing soil to improve texture and overall health. Repeat applications of compost are recommmended over several years.  However, results will be noticed the following season after the first application.

It is most effective to incorporate the compost into the soil.  This can be done by aerating the lawn before application, or by tilling into the soil around landscape plants.



Soil Building

Aerated and topdressed lawn BEFORE final cleanup

Aerated and topdressed lawn BEFORE final cleanup

Poor soil life and root environment greatly effect how plants look and grow. Improving soil life is the best method to ensure healthy root structure and function. What happens in the root zone, is what determines how vigorous and resilient your plants will be.

This application adds beneficial microbes, a food source and various other soil conditioning ingredients to help in rebuilding depleted soils. It is a 100% organic biostimulant and soil conditioner. Activating and/or adding microbial activity in the soil will:

  • improve the plant immune system,
  • stimulate rooting
  • neutralize soil salts
  • improve turf color
  • improve soil water retention

Your lawn or landscape will gain the ability to withstand more environmental and disease stresses. This can reduce the amount of other inputs needed to keep your lawn or landscape green and healthy.

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