Spring 2018 things to get done


We are excited, and I’m sure you are too.

Here are a few things to start thinking about to start the new season
off right.  Please look over our website for even more services and details.

SPRING CLEANUP FOR LAWN AND LANDSCAPE:  Time to think about Spring clean
ups for your lawn and landscapes to remove leaves, winter debris and
prune certain specific plants. Also, it is time to prepare landscape
beds for mulch.

MULCH :  We are currently taking Early orders for mulch SALES and
INSTALLATION.    We use a beautiful Black dyed hardwood mulch that has
long lasting color.  If you are interested in having us mulch your
landscape or buying our premium bagged mulch to apply yourself, please
contact us.

TREES AND LANDSCAPE PLANTS :   There are increasing numbers of tree and
landscape plant pests, both disease and insect, damaging plants.  We can
evaluate your landscape and trees for you, and set up a program custom
detailed for your plants needs.  We offer preventative and curative