Leaf Removal

Complete Leaf Removal– 

We use powerful blowers to get all the leaves out of landscapes and hard to reach areas of your lawn. We move them into the lawn areas to either be mulched, or picked  up using our mowers with collection systems. After collection we will place the leaves by your curb in large bags for trash pick up, or dump them on site where available.



Curbside Leaf Removal 

For those of you that have your During 2own equipment and don’t mind doing some of the work, we offer curbside leaf removal.  All you have to do is get the leaves within six feet from the curb, driveway or truck accessible area . Once this is done we can vacuum them up and remove them for you! This saves you both time and money(vs. doing it yourself or complete leaf removal).  We dump the collected leaves in an area to make compost which is better for the environment. This service is by appointment.  Please give us at least 36 hrs notice, and we will be sure to have them cleaned up when you are ready!

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